Proficiency Testing № PTS 23/08

Dear colleagues,

It is our pleasure to invite you to take part in proficiency testing № PTS 23/08 by means of an interlaboratory comparison.

The subject of testing will be product “Fresh concrete” under standard methods and parameters, pointed below.

The product and the parameters are under the scope of accreditation of PT Provider PTS Bulgaria at PTS Bulgaria Ltd.

You may find more details in the Detailed PT plan and the Invitation for participation in section “Documents for participation”.

Subjects of the proficiency testing

**Fresh concrete


Code of the standаrd Name of the standard Parameter

*EN 12350-2

Testing fresh concrete - Part 2: Slump test

Slump (three determinations)

*EN 12350-6

Testing fresh concrete - Part 6: Density

Density (three determinations)

* The tests will be carried out according to the last valid versions of the indicated standards!

**А fine-grained dry concrete mix with Dmax = 8 mm will be sent to the participants, which will have to be mixed by them in laboratory conditions, according to PTS-F 4.4-5 “Instruction for conduct of proficiency testing”.

Important: Participants must have conditions and capabilities to mix the dry concrete mix in laboratory conditions!

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